Readers’ comments: Call for sprinklers, quality code, plastic roads, CIOB corporate plan

24 September 2019

Why no asbestos register?

CM 05/09

I operate in Blackpool as a SME providing asbestos surveys. In this town, where there are literally hundreds of guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels, the majority still have no asbestos register.

We read about new fire regulations, working at height and mental illness, but the Health and Safety Executive still does not seem to be telling the commercial sector that it is government legislation to have an asbestos register, as a duty of care to the working building contractor. Why?

Graham Skeer

Call for sprinklers in residential buildings

CM 10/09

I could not agree more. I have spent a lifetime in building control, working for both local authorities as well as government-approved inspectors. It is not only the legislative bodies that need to take on board the increased risks in fire safety issues, it is also the professions.

I remember once discussing with an architect the matter of mains-operated smoke alarms for domestic dwellings that was only weeks away from becoming a mandatory requirement under the Building Regulations.

My statutory time was up to issue an approval of his plans for some houses. His response was not to commit his client to the additional cost if it was not a lawful requirement I could insist upon at that time – even after I tried to convince him of the massive fire safety benefits for the occupants.

Joe Quigley

CIOB launches Code of Quality Management

CM 09/09

This has been a step forward in the construction industry.

Abudu Ziwa

The new code is aimed at construction managers, however the clerk of works traditionally provides an independent verification of the quality of workmanship from design to completion. What do CIOB members think about where the clerk of works fits in the process?

Paul Bole

Willmott Dixon replaces bitumen with plastic on resi road

CM 27/08

Could this method potentially be applied to A- and M-roads or runways and taxiways?


There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a lot of talk about micro-plastics in the environment. As this abrades with use, what will stop the resulting micro-plastics being washed into watercourses?

Jonathan Baldwin

Call to align housing and infrastructure

CM 10/09

I totally agree with this. It needs to be actioned by all industry colleagues together – construction personnel, lawyers, architects, developers, builders and planners, working with the various authorities as necessary.

Wendy Louise Trainor

CIOB corporate plan is doing the right thing

CM 05/09

If leadership is about “doing the right thing”, then I'm heartened to read that the key principle of this CIOB Corporate Plan is about articulating its desire to help be a “moral compass” for the sector.

My own personal expectations are that all good leaders should as a minimum, act with integrity, and accountability. Unfortunately, such expectations are now seldom met. It’s great to see the CIOB calibrate, and explicitly state its position here.

It seems that, paraphrasing the late, great Stephen Covey, the CIOB is making sure that “our ladder” is leaning against “the right wall”.

Barry Gledson

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