Video | Wienerberger develops bricklaying robot

22 October 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

Building materials giant Wienerberger has teamed up with an Australian robotics company to develop a bricklaying robot.

The Hadrian X construction robot has been devised in partnership with Fastbrick Robotics and will lay clay blocks specially manufactured by Wienerberger.

The companies plan to run a pilot project in Europe before the new blocks are launched in Wienerberger’s market together with the Hadrian X machine.

Hadrian X has been developed for outdoor work and uses special technology to compensate for movements caused by wind, vibrations or counter-movements in real time.

The firms said this technology allows for the “fully automated construction of residential buildings with the highest precision and quality”.

The first Hadrian X robot was completed in summer this year and is currently in the testing and commissioning phase.


I would rather see humans than humanoids

Sheila, 27 October 2018

This will be a fantastic global partnership .a new step in global housing construction technology.

Michael Connolly, 8 November 2018

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