Video | Volker-Kier JV installs 1,000t Luton DART bridge

3 December 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Volkerfitzpatrick-Kier has installed the 80m-long, 1,000t Luton DART bridge ahead of schedule.

The Luton DART is a double-shuttle, fully automated people-mover linking London Luton Airport and London Airport Parkway railway station.

The curved bridge will carry each DART shuttle over the A1081 and was built offsite at a location nearby over eight months before being transported half a mile to the site using self-propelled modular transporters. The structure was raised up on jacks, positioned and lowered into place.

Image: Shaun Armstrong

VolkerFitzpatrick, working in conjunction with London Luton Airport and Luton Council had a 10-hour window to install the bridge and completed the work 10 hours ahead of schedule.

Phil Hobson, project director at the Luton DART, said: “This was an especially challenging project milestone to reach and required a huge collaborative effort between all parties. The team worked incredibly well together to successfully install the bridge.

“Every aspect of the installation was specialised and complex. From setting up the temporary ramps to moving the bridge, which took us over two hours. Each operation over the weekend was expertly planned and we are really pleased to have reached this vital point in construction of the project.” 

Image: Shaun Armstrong

Ciaran Scanlon, London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL) programme delivery director, said: “This has been an exciting achievement and a hugely significant milestone in the delivery of the innovative DART scheme. The whole project has been full of engineering challenges and to move an object of this size ranks as one of the biggest. To see such a large object calmly trundle down the A1081 under complete control was a great testimony to both the vision of the project and the technical expertise of our contractor, VolkerFitzpatrick-Kier (VFK).

“We appreciate that many people will have been affected by the road closures needed to allow for this move and thank everyone for their support, patience and understanding.”


was very interested in seeing it moved and watched it move from star to finish being a railway enthusiast.

ken hathaway, 19 December 2019

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