Video | Skanska’s ‘Dragon Patcher’ cuts pothole repair cost by 81%

7 November 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Skanska has claimed that its mobile pothole repair machine, called a Dragon Patcher, is 81% cheaper than the traditional ‘two-man gang approach’.

The machine uses a flame to de-ice or dry out potholes in cold and wet weather and then cleans the road surface with compressed air and seals the pothole with a mix of stones and hot bitumen emulsion.

In addition to being cheaper than manual repair teams, Skanksa has also claimed that the machine can repair potholes five times more quickly.

The Swedish-designed machine is already in use in counties across England.


Sounds promising, but a bit vague on deployment; how many counties? Maybe they're so quick we don't often see them in action; but I've not noticed the effects either.

Get fabrication licensed to (for example) JCB, and lets get on with improving road conditions more swiftly; we need it.

Steve Frizell, 7 November 2019

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