Tank-style tracked 3D printer can work on site

19 December 2016

Netherlands-based CyBe Construction has unveiled plans for its new mobile 3D concrete printer.

The 4.5 metre-high printer called the CyBe RC 3Dp builds on the work the company has already done in the 3D concrete area, such as last year when it released its 3D printable mortar, a quick-drying environmentally friendly cement product that can be formed into load-bearing structures within an hour.

3D concrete printing can help reduce time and cost on construction sites and help open up new project solutions, such as automatic building processes and complex form designs.

The new 3D concrete printer is not the first to be developed, however its large size and caterpillar tracks opens up new construction opportunities. Its tank-like caterpillar tracks means it can navigate over rough terrain and be in the heart of the construction site.

According to CyBe, extensive testing has already been carried out to demonstrate the printer and the company claims that, among other things, the RC 3Dp can create high walls, onsite sewer pits, floors, abutments, and formworks, all at lower costs and in a shorter amount of time than would be possible with traditional construction methods.

Plans for the new model are to now test it on a number of live construction sites and projects such as the building of the new R&Drone Laboratory for the Dubai Electrical and Water Authority, which CyBe will be designing, engineering, and producing the 3D concrete printed building components on site.

The printer will be shipped there in the first quarter of 2017 to begin work.

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