Study says housebuilding must double

27 May 2011

More than double the number of homes currently built are needed each year according to a new study, Building reported.

Up to 234,000 new homes are needed per year in England, more than twice the number currently produced, research by the Town and Country Planning Association has revealed.

The report, “New and novel household projections for England with a 2008 base”, published by the Town and Country Planning Association, is the first analysis of the 2008-based government household figures, Construction News reported.

The figures back up the 2004 analysis by Kate Barker that 240,000 homes are needed per year to meet housing need. This compares with just 103,000 homes built in 2010, Building reported.

The TCPA said much of the household growth - 20% - to 2026, would be caused by a growth in single parent families. These are much more likely than average to rely on social housing, under-scoring the need for new social homes.

Kate Henderson, TCPA chief executive said: “We have published this as the housing and the planning system undergoes the most fundamental change for a generation.

“The underlying demographic pressures for more and better homes has not receded. Our current building rates for new homes are clearly not adequate to meet this challenge.

“Therefore, the government must ensure that we find the mechanisms to deliver high quality, sustainable homes of all types and tenure and ensure a decent home for all.”

The controversial clause to the bill, designed to support the introduction of financial incentives to councils that allow more homes to be built, was voted through by MPs last week.

But ministers are thought to be preparing for a battle on the subject in the House of Lords and have indicated that changes to the amendment are possible.

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