No wedding cheer in Britain's offices

21 April 2011

Britain’s offices appear to be more Republican than Royalist as a survey reveals 98% of offices will not be hanging out the bunting to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

A report by office design company Maris Interiors reveals that only one in eighty offices will be celebrating Kate and Wills nuptials.

Maris Interiors said that out of the 316 workplaces contacted, only four, just 2 per cent, were planning to display “Wills and Kate” decorations, or organize any other festivities to mark the occasion.

The survey’s publication comes amid increased reports that many office staff and retail workers will be forced to work the specially designated bank holiday as many small businesses, particularly in the more republican north of the country, are refusing to pay for the additional day’s holiday.

But the 2 per cent of offices that will be celebrating the big day are determined to make up for Roundhead rivals.

In addition to decking out its offices with bunting and Union Flags, Surrey based Furniture Solutions has also given all its 30 employees an extra three days of holiday in April to celebrate Britain’s first Royal Wedding in more than 20 years.

The company has also invited neighbouring businesses to a street party outside its offices. Sales Director Ben Martin said: “It’s going to be such an amazing day, it’s the wedding of our future King so why wouldn’t we celebrate?”

But with over 98% of workplaces not doing anything at all to mark the event, it seems that most employees are happy just with the extra Bank Holiday.

Maris Interiors received responses from 316 companies for the survey which was conducted between 28th March  and 1st April.


What a shame that the editor of Construction Manager, the magazine for a British chartered institute, thought it appropriate to lead this edition of the magazine with a negative story about the royal wedding.
It smacks of the magazine being inappropriately used to provide a platform for someone's personal anti-royalist position.
You are right up there with The Sun CM.
And whilst I'm at it, please drop the left-ist slant to your articles in general - it's tiresome.

Andy Dean, 22 April 2011

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