Coronavirus: How construction is keeping busy

19 March 2020 | By CM staff

Construction companies are doing their best to stay busy and keep projects moving during the coronavirus crisis.

Many industry professionals are using digital technology to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Mark Coleman, managing director at contractor Coleman Group and chair of the Birmingham The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Hub, shared on LinkedIn how his business was “making it all happen”.

“All calls now going through our digital switchboard from our employees home directed as normal as if at the desk,” he said. “All meetings are now taking place using Teams with all face to face meetings cancelled.

Coleman shared an image of one of his online meetings.

“What can we do to keep everything going?" he asked. "I believe clients should think about carrying out all of the pre works like design development before the jobs start. So we are ready when things get back to normal.”

Paul Vega, partner at project manager GSSllp, was also using digital communication tools.

“So glad I could still be part of the CIOB European Regional Hub Committee meeting via Skype today,” he said. “We can all still communicate in these uncertain times and get on with business if we think about it a little.”

Neil Thompson, director at Atkins and member of the CIOB’s digital special interest group, said: “We clearly have hard work ahead of us as we navigate the impact of disruption. It has been encouraging to see the CLC take a lead on stabilising our sector.”

He added that his digital twin group will be hosting “a weekly hangout to provide a space to learn, share and connect”.

Thompson added: “We want to help tackle the psychological aspects of remote working and those who have lost their roles.

“Ultimately, be kind to yourselves and let’s put our collective problem-solving skills to the test.”

Construction leaders have written to the government proposing a package of measures to help the industry during the coronavirus crisis and called for sites to remain open.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday unveiled a package of measures to support businesses affected by the coronavirus, including delaying changes to IR35 payroll legislation.


As one of the first symptoms is a raised temperature, placing a thermal imaging camera at site entrance ( the same as the have done in China and South Korea) will help identify any worker who may have CVID but doesn’t yet realise they are a carrier, of a raised temp is clear they can be asked to either go home or there can be further temp checks

Mark, 19 March 2020

As a site based Assistant Project Manager with over 100 people on site, I would like to know what construction companies and the government have planned to keep site based employees safe during this time!

Alexandra Duffy, 19 March 2020

I thimk its shocking cinstruction sitesare staying open putting profit and money before oporatives lives .... sites are NOT the cleanest of sites and self distancesalmost impossible so get your act together and think of health and safety instead of share holders... 😡

Paul Blackley, 20 March 2020

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