ISG develops digital tech to scan for correct PPE

1 November 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

Fit out contractor ISG is set to launch new machine learning technology that will allow it to scan workers and ensure they are wearing the correct PPE before they enter site.



ISG will use cameras at the entrances to its projects, which will facilitate a check of PPE compliance.

The company mandates the wearing of five-point PPE on sites: hard hats, gloves, hi-vis, boots and safety glasses.

“The machine learning scans everyone who is going into the project and if somebody is missing an item of PPE, then we have a flashing light and signal which comes up on a smart screen which says: ‘You are not prepared for work, please review your PPE’,” ISG's heath and safety director Cavan Woods told Construction Manager.

The programme is currently in the beta phase but the company is preparing to roll it out across its sites next year.

The company believes it will be the first in the UK to introduce such a scheme, although others are believed to be looking at the technology.

The innovation has been developed by ISG's 'tech incubator' team, which involves members of its IT and other key stakeholders. They are tasked with identifying ways in which existing technology can be turned towards improving ISG's business practices.

The same team has already found a number of applications for QR codes within the business, including adding them to its safety information sheets on site so that workers can scan them to gain access to more in-depth, relevant information regarding the hazards in the area they are in.

Speaking about the work of the tech incubator team, Woods said: "We are not developing products for technology’s sake. We are in the business of developing products which are going to have a tangible safety benefit for our project and for the industry."


Very clever man but he is not a site manager, we do this with every site induction on day one, the problem we have is policing it and having the back up to issue the red card, we have no teeth on site and the subbies know it

Sean John Joseph Mimnagh, 1 November 2018

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