How can the CIOB Benevolent Fund help you?

14 February 2019 | By CM staff

Illness, redundancy or plain bad luck can happen to anyone. Regardless of qualifications or career pedigree, construction professionals sometimes undergo periods of extreme hardship, finding it difficult to make ends meet. If you’re struggling at work or at home, don’t suffer in silence. The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Benevolent Fund has been providing support for thousands of members and their families since it was set up in 1992. It may be able to help you too.

So how does the Benevolent Fund work?

What we do

How we can help you

What about financial help?

How can I find out more and apply for help?

Case studies

A member with a young family suffered a serious house fire and they were evacuated. The Trustees provided some monetary support to enable this member to obtain essential household furnishings.

Following critical illness, a young member needed support while she received treatment. The Fund offered monthly financial assistance to reduce pressure and enable this member to maintain her home.

A member approaching retirement suffered serious illness and was unable to work for several months.  The Fund offered advice and support, while making monthly financial help until this member recovered sufficiently to return to work.

A young widow had been facing serious difficulties in maintaining her household finances.  Trustees offered funds sufficient to support this family through a period of financial difficulty.

From members we have assisted

“Please extend my gratitude to the Trustees for this generous assistance … during this difficult time."

“I cannot thank you and everyone enough for what they have done, its so nice and I am very grateful for this. You’re helping me and my family."

"I can truly say that the CIOB looks after its members. I only wish I had thought to contact you earlier."

“I can only say thank you in the most profound way for the support that CIOB has offer. I cannot tell you the strain that will be taken off over these next few months. You cannot know what a difference this will make."

“We are both very grateful to you and the trustees for your consideration but especially the compassion you have shown to us at this somewhat difficult time and position we have found ourselves in."

Further information is on the CIOB Benevolent Fund website.

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