ACM cladding replacement not started on quarter of public buildings

6 December 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

Cladding replacement still hasn’t started on a quarter of the 160 social sector buildings identified as having dangerous aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding.

New figures from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) showed that of the 160 social sector high-rise buildings identified as having ACM cladding, 41 had a remediation plan in place but hadn’t started work as of the end of November – broadly the same number as the month before.

A total of 34 buildings have now finished remediation – six more than by the end of October. A further 82 have started remediation.

Of the 272 private sector buildings, which includes residential blocks, hotels, and student accommodation, 29 have now finished remediation, which is an increase of 10 on the end of October. Another 18 have started remediation and 108 have remediation plans in place but have not started, while owners of a further 48 buildings intend to remediate and are developing plans.

Meanwhile, remediation plans are unclear for 69 privately owned buildings, falling from 102 in October and 200 in June.

In total, there are 441 high-rise residential and publicly owned buildings in England that have ACM cladding that needs to be removed. Of those, remediation has now finished on 63 of them.

At the end of November, the government handed powers to local authorities to strip ACM cladding from private housing blocks and recoup the costs from owners.

Source: Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government

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