CIOB president – we have a career for everyone

5 March 2018

With National Apprenticeship Week beginning today CIOB president Rebecca Thompson (aboe) has written a blog describing how she began working in construction and highlighting the different routes into the industry available.

Thompson says construction as a career is available to everyone, regardless of gender or skill base and that the built environment is so much more diverse, exciting and varied than people realise.

She explains how skills and interests people have in their personal life can be used to follow a career in the industry.

If that interest is the environment, in construction you would seek to use sustainable resources and find better, greener ways of building. CIOB members across the globe also support and educate remote communities to build urgently needed structures such as wells and water pumps, schools and hospitals.

If new technology or startups are a person’s passion, they can channel this into working in the rapidly evolving area of digital construction, working in areas such as BIM, digital imaging or 3D printing.  

For more stories and details about a career in construction, check out the CIOB’s official YouTube channel, which will be updated during National Apprenticeships Week. 

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