What construction wants to know about drones

11 August 2017

Although construction companies are surveying using drones, many are still seeking guidance on how drones help improve their business processes.

These were the results of Sky Revolutions’ Drone Effectiveness study which was recently completed to get a better understanding of what the construction sector thinks of commercial drone services.

Sky’s director, Ben Gorham, said: “The market for commercial drone services has boomed in the last 12 months with an ever-growing number of drone operators offering specialist aerial surveying. Early adopters that have understood the benefits for construction are now reaping the rewards.”

Drones are faster, safer and more cost-effective than manual systems, and they can collect more data too. From large-scale capital projects and major infrastructure surveys to single roof and building inspections, asset managers, project managers and maintenance personnel are increasingly taking advantage of using drones. 

But with new market development comes the inevitable explosion in service providers – should buyers proceed with caution when it comes to employing drone operators? And are service providers clear how best to support those buyers? 

Sky Revolutions decided to ask the question directly to its customers – what did they think of commercial drone surveys, and what did they need from a service provider? Respondents were asked for a range of views, from their perceptions of drones, to the support they need to make clear decisions.

The results throw sharp focus on pilot competency and mandatory drone registration, suggesting a desire for enforced sector professionalism.  

The infographic below sums up the findings.

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