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What chance have small companies got with ref to H/S if London Underground can't ... Denis Lawler on LU fined £500,000 after worker fall

Makes you wonder how large companies like VOLVO multinational world company can't take simple ... Denis Lawler on Volvo fined £900k after worker fall

I think it ia a great idea, as more an more houses are built ... Mark Winters on Prototype house rises above flood waters

Possibly the only thing more disastrous for the taxpayer's pocket than the current split ... owen jordan on Track and train to operate as 'one' again

It's welcome to make this point in print, I felt it was missing from ... James Pellatt on BIM is at the heart of solving industry's problems

It's interesting to read the comments from Farmers. I do realise these animals impact ... Dave Briggs on Beaver dams could help prevent flooding

At least nature has its civil engineers. Genoni on Beaver dams could help prevent flooding

One wonders whether the CO2 released from the fire event equals the carbon footprint ... Andrew Gibb FCIOB on Project of the week: GSK's Phoenix from the ashes

Build many, many more and stack them high. Many families I know would love ... Tmore on YMCA plans to roll out Rogers' £50k affordable Y:Cube flats to seven more sites

I wonder if it will be built of less than stellar quality steel, and ... Charles on China builds life-sized replica of the Titanic

"Immature design can also create risk of prolongation if work has to be adapted ... Charles on Yorkshire firm's plight a lesson in risk management

Amazing, pity the cause was not identified Sheila Anderson on Project of the week: GSK's Phoenix from the ashes

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