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Grenfell Tower Inquiry set for July restart

11 June 2020

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry is working towards resuming hearings in London on 6 July following a easing of the coronavirus lockdown.

It said that following a consultation with core participants in May, it was planning to hold limited-attendance hearings, proceeding on the basis that the current restrictions will remain in place.

However, hearings will only take place if it is safe to do so and if they are consistent with government advice.

Access to the hearings will be restricted to members of the panel, counsel to the inquiry, the witnesses, their legal representative and any person providing immediate support, and those inquiry staff and contractors critical to the operation of the hearings. A member of the Press Association will be invited to enable first-hand reporting.

Hearings will also continue to be streamed online.


When will the discussion centre on the electrical wiring system, fire protection, fire barriers, sprinklers and emergency lighting and emergency fire righting services? Furthermore, I have seen no evidence to confirm the actual cause of ignition at Grenfell?

William Geoffrey Williams, 11 June 2020