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Construction to continue amid new Tier 4 restrictions

21 December 2020

Construction sites will be allowed to continue to operate amid tighter coronavirus restrictions for swathes of the South East, after the government introduced a new “Tier 4”.

As cases continued to rise in London and parts of the South East, despite Tier 3 restrictions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new measures at the weekend.

Under the Tier 4 measures, no travel into a Tier 4 area from other parts of the UK is advised aside from a few specific reasons, including travel to work where you cannot work from home.

Construction has been listed among the activities critical to national infrastructure that mean workers will be allowed to continue to travel to their workplace.

Businesses deemed to be non-essential, such as hairdressers and leisure facilities will be forced to close. The changes will apply to around 20 million people living in London, Kent, Hertfordshire and Essex.

The new restrictions will be reviewed on 30 December but are expected to last for several months, according to health secretary Matt Hancock.

Meanwhile, Scotland has banned travel to and from the rest of the UK “other than for specific exemptions”.


This is understood, especially in the current crisis, except for the fact that bonfires burning toxic smokes openly on sites could increase, and I in fact am experiencing choking smoke from such a fire, across my and neighbours property, and smoke is infiltrating my house though all windows and doors are closed. This is not for the first time, over months, from the same site and inactions by the Environment Agency (what do they instead?)
There is no chance of enforcement, and this sort of incident sets a precedent; never mind the gobbledegook handed out.

Raymomd, 21 December 2020

What’s not clear in my opinion is that if you travel into Tier 4 for construction work, can you stay overnight and if so, for how many days? Do you have to travel in and out of Tier 4 within a working day (Mon – Fri) for say 8 am and leave by say 6 pm? Or can you travel in on a Monday and Leave on a Saturday morning?

Paul Sutton, 21 December 2020

Can you help. Im working private property development, fully gutted house , refitting everything, no kitchen etc no one living there, I believe its under construction rules so I can continue to work on it ? Or will I be braking the law by not staying at home. Yes or no ?
I understand that I can not stay over night as its not my main address , yes or no?
Both address’s are teir 4 but 70 miles apart

Clive, 22 December 2020

My small site of around 100, on the south coast has operatives working on it travelling from Liverpool, Bolton, North Kent, North and south Wales and London. And we know in our environment precautions are minimal, and no masks are worn. How are we supposed to take the government’s policies seriously ,when we again are thrown to the wolves. We are the herd and always have been.

Jon, 23 December 2020

Can my husband go into other people houses to do maintenance work and also can he travel from one house to another in tier 4 areas

Angela moran, 30 December 2020

Easy win for the government to keep construction going. It’s abhorrent that the industry has been allowed to continue to operate. How can the government close whole swathes of the population down but let construction, which by its very nature, breaks every rule we are being told to abide by to slow this disease. I’ll tell you why, they don’t care, they don’t care about the many thousands of migrant workers and their families that are at risk, or the ease at which they will pass the disease on, because it is an easy way to continue a revenue stream into the economy without anyone making any noise.
Utterly disgusting!

Iain, 31 December 2020

I would like to know if we carry on with construction with this new variant in the south east of Kent as death tolls are rising and the new strain spreading quicker and not forgetting our hospitals are at breaking point.
I read that the tier 4 rules will be reviewed on the 30th December 2020.

Terry bolton, 3 January 2021

Can construction workers go back to work in Scotland new lockdown rules

anne Jane Connor, 4 January 2021

It’s worth noting that in the first March 2020 lockdown that construction was closedown by government by mistake in essence if you’re a small building firm and all the building merchants are shut including brick and blocks factory even British gypsum that meant a chronic shortage of plaster that continued even after lockdown was lifted then saw prices on of multi finish plaster being sold on eBay upwards of £1200 for 30 bags also boilers impossible to buy.

Big housing development have more material all ready stored and available.

Construction has to continue as key service we all ready in nation debt not seen since the 1700s . Furlough ends In April 2021.

Whilst I not some people in this comment section wanted consultation lockdown obviously in a democracy entitled to make there view but nonsensical for people that don’t work in building industry electricians plumbers small building firms have to work in people home to do their work end of .

Mark Cherry, 4 January 2021