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CLC advises construction workers to wear face coverings on site

17 August 2020

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has updated its advice on coronavirus to expand the use of face coverings on sites.

Cloth face coverings, designed to cover the nose and mouth and protect others, not the user, from infection is already mandatory for members of the public in specified places.

The CLC said that while the use of face coverings or PPE is not required in response to coronavirus in offices or while carrying out construction activities, it advised construction employers to make face coverings available, as a minimum, where workplaces met all of three criteria:

  • an enclosed space
  • where social distancing isn’t always possible
  • where they come into contact with others they do not normally meet.

The guidance can be found here.


If construction workers are being asked to wear mask all day they must be assuming that someone on site has the virus??

Sheila Anderson, 17 August 2020