VIDEO: Sky’s the limit for new Crossrail station roof

30 November 2017

Video and pictures have been released of a giant work of art being installed at Crossrail’s station at Paddington.

The huge glass roof has been designed by artist Spencer Finch and funded by Heathrow airport and the City of London. The artwork is a cloudscape that has been printed onto the glazed panels, making it one of the largest permanent artworks ever created in the capital.

The first panes of glass have been fixed into place on the 120 metre long canopy at the station. The canopy, which appears to float above the platforms 25 metres below ground, is a steel grid that holds 220 bespoke glass panels, each one weighing over a tonne.

The hand-drawn scene will be “painted” onto 180 of the panels using ceramic dot matrix printing that not only creates the image, but also reduces solar glare into the station.

Finch has drawn 60 original pastels that combine to create a unique collage of clouds, that when printed onto the transparent canopy will appear to change according to the light, weather and the time of day.

Due to its unprecedented length, visitors will see the artwork in different ways depending on where they enter, leave or move through the station.


Excellent design n installation. Dublin Airport T1 extension has similar " cloud " glazed panels on walls n roof glazing..

Garrett Dorman, 30 November 2017

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