Video | ISG’s £24m restoration of Kew's Temperate House

5 November 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

ISG faced a number of complex heritage challenges on its £24m restoration of Temperate House in Kew Gardens.

A lack of maintenance in the largest remaining Victorian glasshouse in the world meant that it was deteriorating, with leaking gutters and render falling off. A government report determined that it was verging on being in an unsafe condition.

The project required ISG to remove and replace of 15,000 panes of glass weighing a total of around 57 tonnes, as well as the removal of all the paint, the old heating system, flooring and pathways and the restoration of the steps externally.

The scaffolding on the job would have stretched 120 miles if laid end to end, while 69,000 items we tagged and logged during the work.

Construction work began in spring 2017 and completed earlier this year.

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