VIDEO: Europe’s first in-situ 3D-printed house

17 April 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

A video showing Europe’s first construction of a house in-situ using a 3D printer in has been released.

The five-room, affordable 95 sq m house in Nantes, France, is set to be fitted out having been shown off to the public last weekend.

The project team was led by French contractor Bouygues and the University of Nantes.

After the foundations and ground floor were constructed, the team used a laser-guided BatiPrint 3D robot to extrude two walls of polyurethane foam which then hardens to provide the formwork for a layer of concrete.

The robot’s role in the process took 18 days.

The system can reportedly create curved as well as rectilinear forms. The house will be fitted with sensors to monitor air quality, humidity and temperature, as well as equipment to evaluate its thermal properties.

The first tenants at the house, commissioned by client Nantes Métropole Habitat, are due to take residence in June.

Nantes plans further 3D-printed buildings, including a public reception building and a housing estate.

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