Multiplex and Bouygues on specifying scaffolding

4 December 2018

Major principal contractors, housebuilders and local authorities are increasingly specifying members of the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) only when sourcing scaffolding contractors.

Ahead of the NASC’s 2018 AGM – held in Edinburgh in November – a number of these organisations were invited to explain the reasons behind this procurement decision.

NASC Managing Director Robin James said: “To open the 2018 AGM we wanted to remind our 220+ full contracting members of the values they share and what they mean to their customers. It was fantastic to hear from the likes of Bouygues UK, D E Group (UK) Ltd and Multiplex Construction Europe about why they specify NASC only and we thank them for their input.

“It’s clear that by insisting upon NASC members in their tender process, organisations are able to guarantee that these works are carried out by audited contractors that are demonstrably proven to be safe, compliant and experienced.

“That is because NASC members must meet a strict set of criteria – pertaining to their workforce, working practices and insurance cover, among other requirements – to attain and then retain membership.

“By setting the membership bar high and conducting stringent annual audits, NASC members are able to demonstrate that they are performing to the highest standards. This is evidenced by our Annual Safety Reports, the latest of which saw the number of injuries recorded by our full contracting members fall to an all-time low.”

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