Danes launch first augmented reality app for mobiles

18 July 2017

Construction workers on site will now be able to see a mix of reality and digital drawings from their smartphone thanks to a Danish BIM software company.

Dalux has launched the world’s first augmented reality (AR) app that works on mobile devices and shows a mix of construction drawings and reality, based on what you look at and your location.

The firm says the app can handle large amounts of data and due to it being on a phone, it is a lot more practical for on-site work as well as more cost effective than usual equipment needed for AR, such as wearable technology like HoloLens.

The app has already been tested on a hospital construction site in the city of Viborg. Kasper Haack, BIM specialist at the hospital, said: “It’s revolutionary how the technology knows where you are and what you are looking at. We save time and money, and contractors can benefit hugely in terms of quality assurance and assembly.”

Bent Dalgaard, co-founder of Dalux, said: “Now, at most large construction projects, a digital BIM model is always created. We can access these drawings through mobile devices, based on the construction worker’s location, and show it as AR.

“The fact that the technology can be used on mobile devices makes the adoption in the construction industry much faster, since everybody has a smartphone or tablet these days.”

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