Readers’ comments: Whaley Bridge dam, plastic cycle lane, payment times

2 September 2019

Kier installed submersible pumps at Toddbrook Reservoir to take the pressure off the Whaley Bridge dam

Kier helps secure Whaley Bridge dam

CM 08/08

Having retired from Kier and seeing the bad press lately, it’s good to see that they can be relied on.

Gary Falkingham

Absolutely brilliant teamwork. You should all get a medal. The progress was amazing. All of England was watching you all and you didn’t put a foot wrong.

S Brown

And so they should. Kier have been paid millions to maintain that very same dam!

Sandy Sweetin

Well done to Kier for this great effort.

Howard Davies

Brilliant company that needs a little breathing space to regain its place back in the market.

Peter Norman

Well done to you all. Great job done.

Denis Barry

A great example of technical, logistical and collaborative working coming together. Once again Kier have demonstrated their expertise, ability and value.

David Lambert

This is the good press Kier needs, not all the negative press they received over the last few months. A big thanks to all Kier lads on site. Well done.

Denis Lawler

Housing secretary James Brokenshire out of Boris Johnson’s new cabinet

CM 25/07

Massive mistake by new PM Boris Johnson not to keep James Brokenshire in post.

The turnover of ministers responsible for this department, which includes responsibility for housing and responsibility for Building Regulations, has already been inexcusably high since 2015.

They just don’t get it. Legislation affecting construction matters to investment and efficiency in the economy and to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone individually and planetwide living and working in the built environment.

At last with James Brokenshire we had someone who was really getting his teeth into the job at this critical time with the consultation deadline at the end of this month. I think he was good.

Max Muncaster

Brokenshire was simply the latest minister to force ill-considered and illogical practice on to the industry in pursuit of political ends.

Though he went further than most by using the same conference speech to change the fundamental nature of Approved Document B in mandating a ban on certain thermally efficient, lightweight, space-saving materials above 18m, and simultaneously declaring we could build “up, not out”. Will the next one be any better?

Chris Pateman

Balfour Beatty builds cycle lane from plastic bags

CM 08/08

Repeat recycling, hopefully with relatively low energy input needs, sounds like an attractive proposition.

Is it established that wear and tear on the surface doesn’t yield micro beads of plastic that get washed into the surface water drainage and wind up in water courses?


As someone who has seen how plastic bags disintegrate into tiny pieces, especially when disturbed, I wonder how the plastic would eventually be recycled after being part of the footway out in the sun for a few decades.

With sun exposure and wear, it could be tiny plastic pieces that get washed off; not just the microbeads Steve mentions. I like to hope I am wrong about all these potential problems.


This is so impressive. Well done to the company for leading the way in the use of recycling. 

Let’s hope more companies follow suit. There is a long way to go in the methods of recycling, but this is really a great way in using plastic bags. The fact that the material can be reused is absolutely brilliant.


Build UK payment times improve; best and worst firms named

CM 01/08

It’s very pleasing to see Build UK focusing on their own members’ payment record, in such a transparent way; I am very encouraged to see average payment times coming down five days since last reported.

Also, well done to Construction Manager for highlighting this issue which is central to the wellbeing of the many small organisations that are the lifeblood of our industry.

Mark Beard

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