Heatwaves, CDM failings, late payment, fire tests: Readers’ comments

3 September 2018

Are contractors obliged to stop work during heatwaves?

CM 02/08

I know from experience what it is to work in high temperatures. However, we just get on with it. That’s the nature of the industry. I suppose the saying “the show must go on” applies.


Yet more UK mollycoddling of workers. What do you think happens in countries where +30 degrees C is the norm? People simply need to use common sense. Don’t make it the employer’s responsibility.

Neil Bradshaw

Depending on the work activities and the protective clothing anticipated, the heat stress potential must be considered at ambient temperatures at or above 70 degrees F. When impermeable PPE is worn, physiological monitoring is the recommended method to track heat stress susceptibility in workers.

Afolabi Adesanya

Why not check what members in other countries do? In Victoria, Australia, we have the rhyme “35 stay alive” – which means: over 35 degrees, stop work.


Housebuilder prosecuted for CDM failings

CM 26/07

Try explaining CDM to most SMEs and they look at you like you are from another planet. HSE should take some of the blame due to the fact they do not highlight it to the general public and builders.

Graham Skeer

I agree, in part, with Graham. Free training should be provided for all SMEs in a local area, not London or Birmingham.

Perhaps local safety groups could provide a day’s training and advertise an article in the local press/radio, maybe even TV.

After receiving 16 enforcement notices and nine HSE inspections, you would think this company could have made some improvements to mitigate the outcome. Or maybe like a lot of SMEs they do not realise the severity of ignoring good health and safety advice!

Alan Needle

Well said, Graham. We all need to own health and safety responsibilities on the sites we work on.

Jonathan Powell

Kier, Balfour, Vinci take over 50 days to pay invoices

CM 31/07

The construction industry is being run by accountants who know absolutely nothing about construction. That’s why there are the problems that we have in the industry.

Stephen Crow

Clearly the likes of Murphy and Kier are taking to heart the statistics showing the low savings rate that prevails in the country – and doing something about it. One must be positive about these things.

Ed Martin

When will main contractors realise that cash flow is key - not just theirs, but for their subcontractors as well? Subcontractors will load their quotes when tendering to poor-paying main contractors, plus poor project cash flow leads to more expensive construction. Publishing payment performance is a great move.

Neil Bradshaw

Fire doors from five suppliers fail tests

CM 01/08

I have been trying for over five years to insist that doors are not just assessed but fully tested – no desktop certification.

Steve Moore

What a great report. As a site manager, we have to make sure all the fire regulations are met at construction stage but reading this is very disappointing because I don’t get to set a door on fire to make sure it is actually a 30-minute or 60-minute door.

Ant Wingate

We all thought that fire doors were properly tested before coming on the market. The whole construction industry gets tarred with failures from organisations who do not meet the required standards.

John Anthony

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