Editor's picks: articles that you really shouldn't have missed in 2011

15 December 2011

Denise Chevin, Acting Editor | CM

How to build a spectacular timber structure in Spain, which are the best buildings in film, and Chris Blythe on very, very poor shower design. Here's a few of the articles you really should read before the end of the year.


Taking the green gremlins in hand

In September, Construction Manager exposed the problems being experienced with renewable technologies:


A new uniform

The rush is on to standardise school design. Here's a round up of who is doing what:  


Ay Caramba

The construction of one of the world's most amazing structures was covered June:  


...and the Oscar for best building goes to...

 Which building would take away the Oscar for its starring role in a film? We listed our top 10 here.  


What, no rammed earth?

As designers and contractors look to reduce the impact of buildings with reduced embodied energy, we investigated the problems of making these measurements:


Do I look like I can afford £27,000 for a degree?

The choices facing 16-year-old Molly Brett as she weighs up the pros and cons of a construction degree versus getting a job.


Chris Blythe: Shower design really gets me steamed up

Why do designers keep reinventing basic things... like shower design, asked a frustrated Chris Blythe in his column in November?


Five words you’ve heard…but were afraid to ask what they meant

What's an espagnolette? or a tundish? ... we checked out five words you've heard but afraid to ask what they mean.



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