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28 October 2019 | By Caroline Gumble

The culture change needed in construction to deliver quality buildings, first time, every time, needs all professionals to work together, writes Caroline Gumble.

Those who read my column last month will know that I have been out and about a great deal since my start with the CIOB. One of the main things I’ve been struck by is the sense of community among members – the hub networks, the trustees, in fact the whole of the CIOB family, including our extended family overseas.

“The hub committees and their local networks make an important contribution to their communities, the local and regional sector and to the CIOB.”

The built environment matters. Its contribution to the economy cannot be disputed; it’s a multi-billion-pound industry. More importantly, construction matters to people. Buildings keep us safe and healthy, allowing us to work, do business, play and create. They bring people together.

In turn, the CIOB brings together and represents the most diverse set of professionals in construction. Our members have helped create many of today’s most iconic buildings – the Shard, the Petronas Towers, the Sydney Opera House. Our members have left a mark on the world and all of them are part of a community. We are a global network of like-minded professionals who share common challenges and aspirations. Our members foster teamwork, collaboration and a better way of doing things.

It’s my belief that now, almost more than ever, the community needs to come together, to collaborate, to share what we know and to reach out to fellow professionals, encouraging and supporting them. The culture change that’s needed in the industry to deliver quality buildings and infrastructure, first time, every time, needs all of us.

I am hugely optimistic about the future, for our membership and for the industry. One thing I do know is that there is huge interest and pride out there for the built environment in all its many guises – just look at the Art of Building book produced to celebrate 10 years of the competition and the thousands of entries we get every year.

The Novus network is a vibrant community where new professionals develop and flourish. The hub committees and their local networks make an important contribution to their communities, the local and regional sector and to the CIOB.

In fact, meetings with hub members have been among the most interesting parts of my induction – so I’m taking this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who’s made time for me and thanks in advance to the hubs who’ve extended invitations that I will take up. I’m now part of this community and very proud to be so.

Caroline Gumble is CEO of the CIOB

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