SSDA 2019: Neuron Pod

31 October 2019

Image: Jonathan Cole

Known as the Neuron Pod, this steel-framed structure was designed for the client as a multi-functional space for events and an education zone.

Commendation: Neuron Pod, London
Architect: aLL Design
Structural engineer: AKT ll
Main contractor: Total Construction
Client: Queen Mary University of London

Accessed via bridge from an existing building on the Queen Mary University of London campus, this standalone structure has been described as an art installation.

Created from weathering steel, the Pod consists of an external structural skin, stiffened by internal steel ribs. These internal ribs run in both directions to provide stiffness and rigidity to the structural skin. Inspired by a zeppelin shape, both in plan and elevations, it is supported by three legs. 

Constructed using a process similar to the construction of a ship’s hull, the structure has been designed and engineered by AKT II as an 8mm developable external plate, welded on an internal series of vertical and longitudinal steel ribs. The materials used provide a lasting durability, while retaining the aesthetic quality of the architectural vision.

Produced by the BCSA and Steel for Life in association with Construction Manager

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