World’s tallest timber building completed in Norway

21 March 2019 | By CM staff

Mjøstårnet (Voll Arkitekter AS)

Mjøstårnet, a mixed-use building in Brumunddal, southeastern Norway, has been declared the world’s tallest timber building by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

The 85.4m-tall, 18-storey mixed-use building is also the third tallest in Norway.

Mjøstårnet is located on the bank of Mjøsa, Norway’s biggest lake, in an area known for its forestry and wood processing industries.

Mjøstårnet (Moelvlen Limtre)

The CTBUH notes that the project was made possible by advances in mass timber production and the increased availability of structural elements such as glue-laminated and cross-laminated timber (CTL). 

Moelven Limitre, the project’s structural engineer, supplied and installed glue-laminated timber columns, beams and diagonals and CLT elevator shafts, stairs and floor slabs.


Is the building stand for 12 Richter scale earthquake ?

Sunarto, 22 March 2019

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