World’s tallest modular hotel under construction in New York

22 November 2019 | By CM staff

Image: Skystone/Autodesk

The world’s tallest modular hotel is under construction in New York City, aided by digital technology.

The AC Marriott New York on 6th Avenue, which is being built by construction firm Skystone, will have 168 rooms over 26 storeys.

The hotel rooms, complete with finishes and furniture, are being manufactured in Poland and will be shipped to New York for craning into position around a concrete core.

Announcing its involvement in the project this week, Autodesk said Skystone is using AutoCAD and Revit for design-to-assemble for preconstruction, and BIM 360 for construction management.

Autodesk said this keeps all project data in one place and helps teams coordinate design and execution.

Skystone, which is both main contractor on the project and Marriott’s approved modular manufacturer, started production on the rooms in late 2017. It manages seven separate processes procured from different specialist companies, including the fabrication of the modules’ steel cages, their interior fit-out, and exterior façades.

The modular design, manufacturing and shipping element of the project represents approximately 45% of project value, Skystone said.

Marriott began researching modular construction in 2014 after a building boom and labor shortages stretched the average time to build and open a hotel in North America by as much 50% since 2011. 

“Prefabrication is a process that Marriott has found typically reduces the construction timeline, curbs site waste and noise, and results in a higher-quality product produced with factory level precision,” Marriott said.

“The time savings comes from the ability to perform two crucial functions simultaneously – building the public spaces on site while manufacturing the guest rooms offsite.”

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