Video | Inside London's coronavirus hospital site

26 March 2020 | By Neil Gerrard

Construction workers are converting the inside of the ExCeL exhibition centre in London into a temporary coronavirus hospital.

A worker calling himself Alex Woodside posted a video to Facebook on Wednesday that showed the huge 600m hall where hundreds and eventually thousands of covid-19 patients could end up being treated.

The emergency facility will initially have 500 beds in place by Monday next week (30 March). Eventually, NHS Nightingale could hold as many as 4,000 beds, split into two wards.

Woodside said: “We have got 4,000 beds to go in and two morgues. I just want to keep updated and if you are not taking it seriously like I wasn’t, I think we really need to start.”

NHS Nightingale could be the first of a number of crisis centres around the UK as the burden of coronavirus cases on the NHS increases.  

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