Drone footage shows Mersey Gateway construction

11 April 2017

New drone footage has revealed the scale and progress of construction work on the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

The footage, which was captured last month, shows how the hundreds of people working across the site are pressing on to ensure it opens as planned this autumn.

The film follows the route of the new bridge from north to south – starting at the north approach viaduct as it crosses the saltmarsh and Widnes and moving across the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal to the construction of the new Astmoor Viaduct in Runcorn.

The incredible bridge-building machines and huge cranes being used across the main bridge site are clearly visible as the gaps between the bridge deck start to close. The footage also gives views of the Mersey Estuary and the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

The Mersey Gateway is a new road bridge across the river Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal in north-west England, which began construction in May 2014. The bridge will be located approximately 1.5km to the east of the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge that connects the towns of Widnes andRuncorn. The six-lane bridge is expected to cost £1.75bn.

Hugh O’Connor, general manager for Merseylink, said: “I’m hugely proud of the work that our team has delivered on this project and this film really shows the scale of the work we are undertaking right in the middle of the river. It’s great to see it brought to life in this way.”

Leader of Halton Borough Council, Councillor Rob Polhill, said: “The scale of this project is phenomenal and this new drone footage also shows what a stunning new landmark we are creating for the whole of north west England.”

Footage is provided courtesy of DTW and I-Sky Unmanned Systems


cannot see the video cos it's comes as private

sean morgan, 19 April 2017

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