Update to '2012 Construction Commitments' could follow Strategic Forum relaunch

23 February 2016

The revamped Strategic Forum for Construction is to consider an updated version of the “2012 Construction Commitments”, as one strand in its planned future programme.

The 2012 Construction Commitments were developed in 2006 by industry and the government to set the standards for the construction of the 2012 Olympics, but were later adopted more widely. 

The six areas of the Commitments covered: procurement and integration; commitment to people; client leadership; sustainability; design quality; and health and safety.

The move was signalled following this month’s relaunch of the Strategic Forum, which also plans to progress initiatives on payment, pre-qualification, and procurement models, as well as the industry Commitments. 

Strategic Forum spokesperson Alasdair Reisner, chief executive of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association, told BIM+ that the Forum will soon publish further details, along with details of how companies can get involved in each work stream.

Alasdair Reisner: broader version

“The clue’s in the name – the 2012 Construction Commitments are getting a bit long in the tooth, and maybe we need a broader version for the whole industry,” he said.

But he astressed that the Strategic Forum would consults on the issue. “This is the question we need to ask: what is the best thing to do?”

Discussing the other strands of activity, he said: “On prequalification, we want to look at what we can do to get a less bureaucratic solution, and on procurement we’re looking at whether current methods drive the best results for clients.

“On payment, I don’t need to explain the issues the industry has. But because the Strategic Forum represents everyone, surely we can bring the parties together and have a reasonable conversation?” 

He also said that the Forum would not usurp any work done by the government’s Construction Leadership Council. “The things we’re doing are where we can work in partnership with the Council, and not duplicate its work.

“So we are supporters of the [CLC’s] Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter, it’s part of the picture. It’s about using the resources of the entire industry to get a good result.”

The Strategic Forum was formed in 2001 to bring together representatives from the industry’s customers, contractors, specialists, professionals and products companies. 

Since 2013 it has been working with the government to support delivery of the recommendations of Construction 2025, the industrial strategy for construction. But it has largely taken a back-seat role, with little visibility to the wider industry.

The newly reinvigorated organisation brings together

The Forum is chaired on a rotating basis by representatives from each of its six members. The Home Builders Federation and CBI also attend Forum meetings.

In a press release, Construction Products Association chairman John Sinfield said: “The Strategic Forum provides the whole industry with the opportunity to work together to tackle some of the major challenges that stand in the way of better, more efficient delivery for our customers.

"We are looking forward to pushing ahead with the Strategic Forum’s agenda in 2016, driving improvements across the sector.”

Construction Industry Council chairman Tony Burton said: “As the only body that represents the whole of the construction sector, the Strategic Forum is perfectly placed to work collaboratively on major industry issues.

“Our members have agreed four key work streams for 2016, and we expect to see substantial activities this year in each area. In doing so we will help make life better for companies across the country.”

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