UK packaging expert helps build cardboard houses in France

9 June 2017 | By James Kenny

UK packaging giant DS Smith has teamed up with corrugated insulation specialist Bat’Ipac to develop 13 cardboard houses in France.

DS Smith provides the material required to make the cardboard insulation, while Arcobat Group, a house building business in France, has ensured Bat’Ipac has the relevant permission to build the houses.

Designer and founder of Bat’Ipac, Hubert Lê, saw a gap in the market to use corrugated in place of traditional insulation products when building new houses. The partnership means DS Smith provides between five and ten tonnes of corrugated sheets per house that is built, which Bat’Ipac then laminates together sheet by sheet to create the insulation.

After a number of years perfecting the product and securing the necessary insurance, Bat’Ipac finished its first test house west of Paris in 2012. Since then the partnership has built a further 13 houses across France.

Alain Marboeuf, Bat’Ipac general manager, said: “One of the main benefits of using corrugated is that it provides protection for the house in all seasons. Whereas normal insulation will keep a house warm in winter, it doesn’t often sufficiently keep a house cool in the summer months. Corrugated has been proven to keep houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter, therefore proving a very versatile and efficient product.

“In addition, by taking the corrugated and layering it multiple times, we have discovered that the material is extremely soundproof, providing another great benefit for housebuilders and homeowners.”

Bat’Ipac’s rapid expansion plans include building 100 houses in the next 12 months with DS Smith supporting.

Jean-Michel Audivert, commercial director at DS Smith, said: “There are a number of benefits of using corrugated including soundproofing and structural support, and the quality of the corrugated material we provide is crucial to the success of the insulation. We have achieved a great deal in 10 years and I think the next ten will be equally as exciting for DS Smith and Bat’Ipac.”

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