Track workers dive to avoid 101mph train

7 January 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Image showing the position of the workers as the train approached (East Midlands Trains)

Two track workers had to dive out of the way to avoid being hit by a high-speed train last month, it has emerged.

Neither of the two workers was injured when the train passed at 2350hrs on 12 December last year at an undisclosed location.

The train had been travelling at 101mph (162kmh) at the time of the incident, according to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB).

The RAIB has undertaken a preliminary investigation into the incident and will be publishing a safety digest.

In place of a full investigation, a safety digest is produced when it is clear that the safety learning from an event has been identified by a previous investigation or relates to compliance with existing rules.

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