Spurs stadium delay continues

9 January 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Mace, construction manager on the new £800m Tottenham Hotspur stadium, has informed the football club that work to finalise the project will continue through February.

In its latest update on the project’s progress, Spurs said it was liaising with contractors and building control at Haringey Council to determine a schedule of commissioning, building test dates and building control sign-offs, as well as formal test event dates.

That follows remedial work over the past month, resolving software issues connected to the stadium’s critical safety systems.

The club said that given the time required to deliver the test events, it expected to play its next three home Premier League matches, running up until 10 February, as well as a Champions League fixture against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley stadium. Should it progress to the fifth round of the FA Cup and have a home drawn, this too would be played at Wembley.

The news came after Spurs held a familiarisation event for fans at the end of last year, allowing them into the stadium to see how it has progressed.

Chairman Daniel Levy said: “I should like to apologise to our fans and thank you for your continued patience. The response from those who attended the familiarisation event was great to hear and reinforced our commitment to deliver an exceptional matchday experience for everyone. We shall now seek clarity in respect of building test schedules and test event dates and provide further information on these in the next two to three weeks.”


Ultimately the buck stops on Daniel Levy’s desk. I know from personal experience in Shell how difficult the management of major construction projects can be. In Shell more projects were late and more exceeded the budget than did not. And Shell as a client was among the most experienced around. For Levy and co. this was their first big project, the learning curve was very steep indeed. I do not know the details but on the face of it Tottenham has been rather naive and over-optimistic. Inexperience may have led them to believe what their contractors told them! Spurs have not been as communicative to season ticket holders like me as they might have been. But we have been fairly treated, no complaints. Spurs need to be 100% sure that the stadium is ready when it opens. Remember Terminal 5! We won’t accept that sort of fiasco. Wait until 2019/20 and get it right perhaps rather than risk a botch this season?

Paddy Briggs, 10 January 2019

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