So which building deserves the Oscar for its starring role in a film?

7 July 2011

From the mundane to the magnificent, the idyllic to the iconic, buildings have played their part since film making began.

Buildings, whatever their shape, size or purpose are the unsung heroes of Hollywood. They are used to evoke feelings of tension and fear in audiences, to drive the plot of a film, or to create a sense of another time or place.

Construction Manager and the CIOB want to know if you agree with a panel of film buffs on the top 10 movie buildings of all time. The list of movie buildings collated by Construction Manager magazine using film critics include such movies as King Kong, Die Hard, The Shining, Get Carter and Blade Runner.

Production teams often go to extreme lengths to secure the right location, explains Ian Freer, assistant editor at Empire magazine. “It can take several months to cast the right building for a movie; teams are hired specifically to scour the world in search of locations, especially for sci-fi movies where directors want a specific aesthetic. Those decisions are not made lightly and it’s one of the reasons films today can cost up to $100m to make.”

You can read more about Hollywood’s favourite top 10 movie buildings here and to vote for your favourite visit here. The poll closes on July 27th.

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