Rogue construction director jailed

1 March 2019 | By CM staff

The director of a construction firm has been jailed for four years and three months and banned from running limited companies for seven years after a court heard how he repeatedly secured contracts for home extensions and refurbishments but failed to complete the work.

Kiamil Alkan, trading as Kiki Builders and later as a director of Kiki Builders and as manager of Kiki Construction, of Sutherland Road, EN3, was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on 22 February.

Just before his trial was due to commence, Alkan pleaded guilty to 14 counts, including four counts of obtaining credit as an undischarged bankrupt and one count of being concerned in the promotion and management of a company.

The court heard that from April 2016 to September 2018, Kiamil Alkan had repeatedly secured contracts to complete home extensions and refurbishments but failed to complete the works.

Alkan also insisted his customers pay money in advance of starting work before delivering low-quality and incomplete work. Some contracts were worth over £100,000 and Alkan is known to have worked on 11 residential properties in Enfield, bringing in more than £485,000.

After several complaints from members of the public, he was interviewed by Enfield’s Trading Standards team which began to monitor and investigate his work.

Alkan was declared bankrupt in May 2017 and this prevented him from being a director of a company. However, he ignored his bankruptcy restrictions and continued to act in the management of his construction companies. Between September 2017 and May 2018, he secured more than £123,000 from four customers and his most recent victims were a disabled resident and a young family.

On sentencing, Judge Greenberg said Alkan had: “Acted callously without care for [the] misery you caused.” Many of his clients have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket and with incomplete building works.

Gary Clarke, criminal investigator for the Insolvency Service, said: “Kiamil Alkan adopted dishonest trading practices causing a significant amount of distress and harm for his customers and even being made bankrupt didn’t a put a stop to his unscrupulous activities.

“Thanks to close working with Enfield Council’s Trading Standards team we have secured a significant sentence against Kiamil Alkan and this should serve as a warning to others that we have the ability to prosecute those who abuse the law.”


I am the victim of Kiamil Alkian too.
He took our contract of house extantion during the same period of time, ask for most of the money in advance. He employed unskilled people, started work, made mess and run away.
As a result of his job My house was with out back wall, window and back door, no water, no gas no electricity. I lived for 3 months in a hotel heavy pregnant with my 5 years old son and with my husband.He course a lot of stress and harm to my family. He turn our magic time to a nightmare. 😢😢😢

Anna, 4 March 2019

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