Quality, training and Brexit are key themes in CIOB's election manifesto

11 May 2017 | By James Kenny

The CIOB is urging political parties and election candidates to make construction a priority in a manifesto announced ahead of the election.

Building the Case for Construction lists five priorities for an incoming government.

Among the points they are calling for is continued investment in training and skills as well as focus on quality in the nation’s construction programme. The CIOB is also calling on the government to recognise and address both the opportunities and risks that Brexit will bring.

Chris Blythe, chief executive of the CIOB, said: “The quality of our built environment affects every member of society. Construction creates and maintains the places that people live, work and play, the infrastructure that supports them and the services that sustain them. And it is vital that those elected to represent their constituents in Parliament understand this. 

“Our manifesto showcases how construction can act as a solution to major policy issues. Our proposals are interlinked, showcasing the need for a collaborative approach to productivity, skills, quality, investment and Brexit.”

Meanwhile the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has also published its own manifesto as well as writing an open letter to party leaders, outlining the risks faced by the infrastructure sector and consequently the wider economy, ahead of the election.

The ICE is calling on political leaders to address the sector’s needs, stating that infrastructure is the “bedrock” of economic growth and should be at the heart of UK economic policy.

They also state that any future government needs to ensure that the Brexit negotiation process does not disrupt the healthy pipeline of projects coming through and there needs to be a guarantee for the status of EU nationals working in the UK.

ICE director general Nick Baveystock, said: “Effective, efficient and innovative infrastructure is at the heart of a thriving, successful and modern economy. The transport energy and housing that we all depend on would simply not function without it.

“That is why we are asking all parties now running for election to focus their efforts so we continue to deliver world-leading projects, on time and on budget, that change people lives for the better.”  


I think this is what every industry wants, including some cohesive policies whoever gets in, including sustainability, spending plans for NHS... This requires politics and short-term plans to be done in a different way - only then will things be more stable.

nickmargetts, 11 May 2017

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