Multiplex takes out injunction against 'urban explorers'

6 August 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

The completed 100 Bishopsgate is comprised of a 40-storey tower and a seven-storey podium

Multiplex has taken out a High Court injunction to stop a group thought to be involved in 'urban exploration' from trespassing on three of its sites in London.

The orders, made on 31 July, stop anyone from gaining unauthorised entry to 22 Bishopsgate, 100 Bishopsgate (pictured), and Principal Place Residential.

Anyone who breaches the injunction will be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized.

The firm announced the move on its website last week.

Four people, named in the order as Alistair Law, Rikke Brewer, Dylan Rhodes and Usama Quraishi are not allowed to enter or remain on any of the sites.

Any other person who knows of the order and does anything to help them breach the order may also be held in contempt of court, the injunction says.

Multiplex said the individuals involved were known urban explorers and the injunction was to ensure their safety.

The 100 Bishopsgate project in the City of London will provide approximately 950,000 sq ft of office and retail space when completed. It will comprise a 40-storey tower and a seven-storey podium, which includes a green roof terrace on level six.

22 Bishopsgate is a skyscraper set to stand 278m tall with 62 storeys when completed next year.

The £200m Principal Place Residential project involves the construction of a 50-storey tower on the border of the City of London and Shoreditch. It will contain 273 apartments.

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