MMC could create £40bn-a-year export market, says Mace

11 July 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

Mace's 'jump factory' at London's East Village

Modern methods of construction (MMC) could create a £40bn-a-year export market for Britain post-Brexit.

That’s the claim from contractor and consultant Mace, which wants to see the UK established as a leader in the field.

A new report from the company highlighted how a global urban renaissance - with more than half of all global populations living in cities – is likely to lead to increasing demand for high-rise living.

“By embracing MMC technologies developed in Britain, homes, offices and schools across the world could be built more quickly and more safely,” Mace said.

The paper, authored by a former Bank of England economist Steve Hughes, claims that if MMC allowed the UK construction industry to export the same amount of global industry value as the UK automotive sector, then its annual exports would increase by £39bn.

It identified the USA, India and China as the fastest-growing markets that Britain should target.

But it also warned that unless the construction sector and the government embrace MMC, the UK will be unable to deliver on the number of homes that have been pledged by politicians.

The report also sets out a number of recommendations to reform the sector and establish Britain as a global leader in MMC including:

Other findings to come out of the report include:

Mark Reynolds, chief executive of Mace, said: “The construction sector can be a jewel in Britain’s post-Brexit exporting crown. Thanks to a legacy of pioneering achievements, the UK is respected throughout the world as experts in delivering major, complex and innovative construction projects.

“Embracing modern methods of construction and exporting our knowledge around the world could lead to billions of pounds more in trade and help build new relationships with major markets around the world.”

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