GLA to appoint private sector cladding safety expert

28 November 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Image: Dreamstime/S4svisuals

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has created a new role for a cladding expert to ensure that unsafe high-rise buildings in the capital are made safe as soon as possible.

The £49,400-a-year post for a senior programme officer in building safety will involve delivering the Private Sector Cladding Remediation Fund (PSCRF). The £200m fund covers the full cost of replacement of unsafe aluminium composite (ACM) cladding on buildings over 18m in height in England.

The GLA said the role would involve managing relationships with building owners, technical advisers and London boroughs.

The GLA is looking for an experienced project manager with experience of managing large budgets and working with professional advisers in the housing or building safety fields.

The role will be based at London Fire Brigade’s head office in Union Street and has been advertised both on the GLA website and on LinkedIn.


I have noticed that the position is described as a "Building Safety" role. Does this include the electrical wiring, from an internal fire spread viewpoint? Cables have demonstrated their part in fire spread, within a building, that needs urgent clarification, or is the appointment purely safety guidance on external cladding materials?

Geoffrey Williams, 28 November 2019

Given the responsibilities and short term nature of this post, surely the remuneration offered is inadequate to recruit a person with adequate knowledge and experience.

Ian R Lane, 30 November 2019

The comprehensive remit and the required technical knowledge, previous track record, and comprehensive expert experience, the post-holder for this London-based position will need to be able to demonstrate in order to adequately discharge the required remit is a lot to ask for £49,400-a-year particularly as the post-holder will doubtless be advising numerous individuals whose salaries - most especially the salaries of those legal types who will doubtless be counted amongst the overlapping venn diagrams of the many groups the post holder will be advising - will in many instances comprehensively dwarf that the post holder will be expected to manage on! It was ever thus…

David E Thomas, 2 December 2019

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