Industry votes to keep CITB in Consensus vote

10 October 2017

The construction industry has voted to back the CITB, securing its future for the next three years.

The training body confirmed that it had received the support it needed from more than half the industry to ensure its survival after tallying up the votes from the 14 consensus federations and 4,000 non-represented employers. 

Of the 14 federations surveyed, 10 voted in support of the levy, with 76.9% of the trade body’s affiliated firms backing the organisation until the next triennial Consensus vote in 2021.

Companies with a payroll of £80,000 will now be required to pay 0.35% on PAYE bills from April next year, with a rate of 1.25% remaining for payments to Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) subcontractors. 

Of the 4,000 non-affiliated employers surveyed by the CITB, 66.1% – based on the value of levy paid in – voted in favour keeping the levy.

While the news has been welcomed by various industry associations, there have been calls for reform. 

In particular, contractors are looking for a refreshed approach to governance that reflects the industry as a whole and its complex supply chain, and for greater certainty about the future of grant-funded training and a simpler approach to funding applications. 

Build UK chief executive Suzannah Nichol said: “We now have a golden opportunity to build on the foundations of CITB, to create a strong, effective skills framework that benefits us all.

“CITB needs to fundamentally reform and be accountable to the industry, but it can only do that if we all play our part and make sure we are clear in our ambitions and expectations.”

Civil Engineering Contractors Association chief executive Alasdair Reisner said: “Our members were clear that they continued to support CITB, but wanted it to build on the positive moves to reform that we have seen in recent months. Today’s announcement lets that process get underway.”

Sarah Beale, chief executive of the CITB, said: “Whilst we have been backed by our industry, we’ve heard the calls for change loud and clear. Be assured that we will continue listening to industry and along with recommendations from the government’s upcoming review into industry training boards, will use all we learn to inform our reform process.

“We are completely committed to modernising our organisation by renewing governance, ensuring accountability and improving outcomes. It is what industry expects and we will deliver.”

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