Government tenders £3bn modular schools framework

25 June 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Caledonian Modular won the contract to build Sir Frederick Gibberd College under an existing DfE framework

The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a new offsite construction framework worth £3bn for the design and build of schools.

The tender, which is in line with the government’s presumption in favour of offsite construction on suitable capital programmes, is split into two lots.

The first lot, valued at £2bn, will see up to five contractors appointed to a four-year framework to deliver offsite secondary schools and secondary blocks of 6,000m2 and above throughout England, although it may also be used to deliver batches of primary school schemes.

The second lot, worth up to £1bn, involves the delivery of offsite primary school schemes and secondary blocks from 750m2 to 6,000m2 throughout England but may also be used to deliver secondary school schemes above 6,000m2. Up to five contractors will be appointed and schemes awarded to the framework will be subject to a mini-competition or allocated by a performance-based allocation procedure. The framework is expected to involve the construction of 15 primary schools a year.

The tender notice can be found here.

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