Galliford Try uses digital screens for site safety updates

15 February 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Galliford Try has launched digital screens to display health and safety information and instantaneous site updates to workers on the £1bn Manchester Airport upgrade.

The system, installed with the help of tech firm Anomaly Hi-Vis, allows Galliford Try to provide site- and company-specific ‘safety TV’. Site managers also have the ability to communicate with all site staff instantly.

After positive feedback from the Galliford Try aviation business, the contractor is now exploring how other business units may be able to use the technology.

James MacDonald, aviation assurance manager at Galliford Try said: “The Anomaly digital screens have provided Galliford Try with a unique and innovative way to communicate key health and safety information to our workforce, supply-chain, visitors and members of the public. They have become pivotal in raising health and safety awareness and sharing best practice, project updates and general company information both quickly and easily.

“We’re able to customize each screen depending on the target audience and this allows for relevant, eye-catching and memorable information to be shared. From a health, safety and environmental perspective, this is crucial in communicating and raising awareness of hazards alongside the control measures in place to prevent an incident on site.”

Anomaly's vandal-roof screens were initially launched in schools in 2007, to distribute information about health and wellbeing information and the weather and have now been adapted for the construction industry.

Anomaly managing director Phil Austin said: “The ease of use and flexibility of our Hi-Vis system enables our clients instantaneous access to screens located at any of their locations. Screens can be updated, with new messages, video footage or company information from a smartphone or PC, all they need is standard internet access. There are hundreds of video and message templates on our online portal, all tailored to the clients branding.”


This is an absolutely brilliant idea.

Reminds me of the VMS (Vehicle Management System) that we see regularly on the roads when road works are due to begin and provides updates as the work is being done. The system could be utilized on sites for the public to kept aware of what is happening and it would be an excellent way to promote the whole construction team and indeed the Construction Industry.

SEAN MORGAN, 19 February 2019

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