Election 2019: CIOB urges government not to ignore construction

5 December 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) chief executive Caroline Gumble has urged the future government not to ignore the construction sector, ahead of the general election next week (12 December).

Setting out the CIOB’s ‘manifesto’, Gumble said; “The quality of our built environment affects all of us. It influences productivity and wellbeing at home and at work.

“It creates and maintains the places that people live, work and play in, the infrastructure that supports them and the services that sustain them. It cannot be ignored by government and needs to be prioritised, not least because it is also one of the supporting pillars of the UK economy.”

The CIOB has called on the future government to show consistency in leadership for the sector, with the creation of a housing minister, and a construction minister with a background of understanding of the sector.

It has also urged the government to support the industrial strategy and recognise construction’s role in improving productivity, with wise investment in the built environment. It wants to see more commitments on support for apprenticeships, quality put at the heart of the nation’s construction programme, a drive to limit climate change by improving buildings’ environmental performance, and further investment in the regions.

The read the CIOB’s full manifesto, click here.

The CIOB has also produced a guide to what the manifestos of the main political parties could mean for the construction sector. To read the summary, click here.

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