IPA calls for examples of sites operating safely

26 March 2020 | By CM staff

Image: Dreamstime/Bang Oland

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has called on construction firms to share stories of good practice, where sites are operating within Public Health England and industry guidance on coronavirus.

The IPA has put together a template for firms to fill out and said that it could help to demonstrate that where employers and individual employees across the sector can follow the guidance, there is a beneficial outcome for all.

It has asked companies to fill out the below template with positive examples of where sites are continuing to operate safely and the benefits of this. This could also include where essential work needs to be completed and/or where it is critical for sites to stay open.

Completed responses, following the template below, can be sent to: [email protected]  

The Infrastructure and Project Authority’s template

Please include answers to the below:


 Please attach any relevant photos and/or footage to help bring examples to life.

Key contact

Name, email address, phone number.

Further information

Please provide any further information that you think is relevant.

Aim for around 150 words.

Include web links and contacts where possible.

Use the organisation's name instead of ‘we’.

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