Construction is fastest adopter of drones use

8 September 2016

According to a survey carried out by, one of the UK’s leading drone retailers, 12% of construction firms are now using drone technology.

The report, which is based on a survey of 3,000 drone users and data from thousands of sales of drones, states that trade (construction/plumbing) businesses have adopted drones faster than any other industry.

According to the report, half a million people are using drones for commercial purposes – and construction firms are among those leading the way. Across all industries the most popular usages for drones are photography, surveys and security.

The Top 10 business sectors utilising drones

  1. Trades (construction/plumbing) 11.5%
  2. Manufacturing 9.9%
  3. Information and communications 9.1%
  4. Creative and photographic 8.8%
  5. Transportation 7.7%
  6. Professional services (eg law/accountancy) 6.6%
  7. Marketing 5.1%
  8. Education 4.7%
  9. Retail 4%
  10. Healthcare (eg pharmacy, care homes, hospitals) 3.3%

The UK is a popular base for developing and testing commercial applications of UAVs. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has also recently relaxed several of the current regulations surrounding UK drone usage for commercial trials, in response to requests from Amazon to trial its Prime Air delivery service, including the operation of vehicles without direct line of sight and the use of anti-collision technology.

Tim Morley, category manager at, said: “It’s great to see construction businesses incorporating drones into their day-to-day practices to make processes simpler and more efficient.

“The recent change in CAA regulations shows they are open to working with businesses to identify how best these exciting technologies can be applied, encouraging drone usage within a commercial environment, to bring an array of new benefits to consumers and businesses.

“We anticipate even more businesses using drones following the recent change in rules from the CAA.”

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