CITB slashes 800 jobs as part of business plan

17 April 2018 | By Neil Gerrard

Sarah Beale: ‘Business plan will make a radical difference’

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has confirmed nearly 800 job cuts as part of its new three-year reforming business plan, which aims to modernise the organisation.

The business plan adds detail to the CITB’s consultation exercise Future CITB: Vision 2020, published last year.

It also takes on board feedback from levy payers, industry and the government’s review of the organisation.

The CITB’s business plan also set out details of how it will spend the planned £689m investment in construction skills for 2018-21.

It will spend:

As part of the CITB’s programme of modernisation, its workforce is expected to decrease from 1,370 employees to fewer than 600 by 2020/21.

The job losses include the outsourcing of many of CITB’s back office functions which it aims to have in place by the end of 2018.

The organisation has already introduced a new training model and grant scheme earlier this month, as well as appointing Student Loans Company boss Peter Lauener as chairman.

CITB chief executive Sarah Beale, said: “CITB has listened, and we have now taken action. This business plan sets out our ambitions for the next three years.

“It shows how CITB’s work across England, Scotland and Wales will modernise and repurpose. By 2020 we will be the ‘levy in, skills out’ body construction employers asked for, doing less, better, while being fully transparent and accountable.

“I am confident that this business plan will make a radical difference to CITB, enabling us to meet the skills needs of construction.”


Lost skills back in the 80s 90s and 2000nds
Recession after recession with levy paying small businesses going out of business
No help from anyone
No bricklayers no scaffolders and no roofers
Skilled workers leaving to find other jobs now lost forever and 1000nds retiring each year
Skilled workers like myself who won’t go back on site
No one prepared to risk starting up contracting because you’re obligated to take on labour PAYE
Total mess
Good luck building all the houses that are needed based on the government apprentice scheme
European workers going home, replacements not arriving because of uncertainty about status
Europe waving goodbye
Training centre uncertainty
Personally I predict total confusion and collapse

Mark Eyre, 17 April 2018

Is this old news from a couple of yrs ago?

Mick Guy, 17 April 2018

Since its inception in I believe 1964 CITB has always been "Levy in - Skills out"
However the next stage is " Employment in the Construction Industry " and this has always been the stumbling block!!

The Industry( via its Sub-Contractors) only wants Experienced Productive Operatives, so the opportunities for the newly trained and relatively inexperienced entrant are limited or non-exiistent, and it has always been so.

Until you can redress this situation, no amount of modernisation or repurpose will improve what CITB originally set out to provide.

John Anthony, 21 April 2018

Despite the best intentions the CITB's latest business plan will be as lacklustre as the countless plans that have preceded it. They have engineered their own demise and the great chance to disband this administrative disaster has been missed.

Mick Norton, 27 April 2018

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