CIOB to press manifesto with new government

13 December 2019 | By Neil Gerrard

Boris Johnson (Image: Dreamstime/Katatonia82)

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is to call on the new government to support the construction industry, in line with its manifesto published ahead of the election.

Reacting to the news of the biggest Conservative majority since the 1980s, cementing Boris Johnson’s position as prime minister, CIOB chief executive Caroline Gumble said: “The CIOB will engage with MPs and ministers to ensure that the key issues from our manifesto are addressed by the government.”

The CIOB wants to see the government appoint or re-appoint a housing minister and construction minister “with understanding of the sector” and to leave them in post long enough to work with industry bodies on the issues that need to be addressed.

It has also urged the government to support the industrial strategy and recognise construction’s role in improving productivity, with wise investment in the built environment. It wants to see more commitments on support for apprenticeships, quality put at the heart of the nation’s construction programme, a drive to limit climate change by improving buildings’ environmental performance, and further investment in the regions.

As of 930am today (13 December), the Conservatives have won 364 seats – an improvement of 47 seats on the 2017 general election. Labour has lost 59 seats and currently has 203, with the SNP in third with 48 seats and the Liberal Democrats in fourth with 11.

Among the Tory MPs to have retained their seats is CIOB member Eddie Hughes who polled almost 12,000 more votes than his Labour rival Gill Ogilvie to retain his Walsall North seat. Hughes, who spent most of his career working in construction and housing before becoming an MP, was appointed as parliamentary private secretary at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in 2018, having previously served as chair of the all party parliamentary group (APPG) for building environment excellence.


The government needs to go back to building council houses and take on the responsibility of providing housing.... not push the responsibility of the new CILs which are hugely onerous on to the builder, which the builder then pushes the cost of CILs onto the land seller.... most people with land to sell hardly have anything left over. After the CILs is taken out of the sale price by the builders, the tax department then heavily taxes the land seller...
So the seller works out that it is hardly worth the effort of selling your land or garden, just to be relentlessly pursued for money, plus have people he doesn’t know next door, probably with a barking dog, or screaming insensitive to sell.....

CAROL Caffyn-Parsons, 16 December 2019

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