CIOB members invited to become judges on housing disputes

11 July 2019 | By CM staff

The Judicial Appointments Commission is seeking “professional members” to sit on tribunal hearings relating to housing and property matters. 

The Commission is inviting members of various professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), to share their specialist knowledge and expertise as “professional members” of the First-tier Tribunal, Property Chamber. The tribunal requires people with substantial experience in relation to housing or housing conditions who can contribute to and take an active role in hearings. 

Chartered Members of the CIOB can apply for this fee-paid position if they have experience in housing, housing conditions or matters relating to landlord and tenant relationships. Candidates will be expected to have knowledge of at least some areas of the Residential Property division of the First-tier Tribunal, Property Chamber, as part of their professional practice, which would usually be for a period of four or more years. 

The First-tier Tribunal, Property Chamber, Residential Property, handles applications and appeals about disputes over property and land. The types of cases can include: 

The Judicial Appointments Commission selection process requires candidates to complete an online application, including a personal profile, character profile and statement of suitability setting out how they meet the eligibility criteria. 

The number of applications received will determine how candidates are shortlisted, i.e. if a large number of applications are received, an online qualifying test will be used. If an online test is not necessary, shortlisting will be against the eligibility criteria only, taking account of the information provided in candidates’ statements of suitability. Those shortlisted will be invited to attend a selection day comprising competency-based and situational questions. 

Tribunal members are expected to sit for a minimum of 30 days a year. There are 11 positions available in a number of UK locations: 

This is a paid position – the fee is £319.46 a day. 


More information is available on the Judicial Appointments Commission website 

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